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Qmedia: Thinking Outside the Video Box

The speakers from the University of Virginia discuss how video is being managed on campus. With over 8,000 hours viewed, the university is now able to support over 1,400 students that use video as…

From  Jama Coartney, Head of Digital Media Lab & Bill Ferster, Researc 42 plays

OradTV: RadioTV, Automated Live Video Production For Kaltura MediaSpace

Radio is everywhere, and is becoming more and more prominent online. RadioTV enables the automatic broadcast of radio shows over digital media without human intervention. The existing radio…

From  Itay Gissin, OradTV 55 plays

Scaling Kaltura Guided By Tests

At Base79 we work with content owners to help maximise their revenues across web sites, social media and connected devices. To do this, we need to have confidence that as the level of demand on…

From  Chris Young, base79 34 plays