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Empowering Faculty and Students to Create and Engage - Panel Discussion

The more video, the more students and faculty will learn and engage. But who will create all this video, and who is going to upload it? Join Virginia Commonwealth University, University of West…

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5 Step Guide to Corporate Television and 1,000 Videos Annually

What are we really trying to achieve when using video in the enterprise? Spreading knowledge, creating habits, foster loyalty and more.

From  Andre Yap, Founder and CEO, Corporate Television 4 Years ago 243 views 0  

Learning In The Digital Dimension - Big Data & Video

The digital dimension goes beyond getting access to the web, it means getting access to exactly the right information that can benefit the user. How is that done for learners? Some examples include…

From  Peter Smith, Senior Vice President - Academic Strategies and De, 4 Years ago 52 views 0